Cyndi Stevenson is a Florida native and a forty-year resident of Northeast Florida.  Cyndi currently represents Florida House District 17 which lies entirely within the boundaries of St. Johns County.  As both a State Representative and a St Johns County Commissioner, she has spent over sixteen years studying Florida’s issues; from water to public safety, from transportation to economic development, from public education to employment opportunities for all, from poverty and homelessness to improving affordability, quality and access to healthcare.  As a CPA for nearly forty years, Cyndi has experience in State and Local finances and regulated industries including insurance, healthcare, real estate, and child welfare.

Cyndi has worked to keep taxes low and grow our economy, increase funding for our local schools, and fought to protect our environment and restore the everglades.  Cyndi has been a champion for streamlining government by reducing overly burdensome regulation, cutting taxes to help grow our businesses and create the jobs of the future.  All while working to increase public safety and improve our quality of life.

As your State Representative, Cyndi Stevenson continues to fight for issues important to her District and all of Florida.  She has been a champion for:

  • Protecting Florida’s waters and natural resources.
  • Strengthening and diversifying our economy.
  • Improved funding for St. Johns County’s top ranked schools.
  • Investments to help us catch up with needed behavioral health and social services.
  • Improved Investment in Road Capacity as well as Safety for all Road Users.
  • Focused on measures to improve access to quality healthcare and enabling market forces and transparency to hold down costs.
  • Reading and financial literacy.
  • Keeping Florida’s College and University tuition affordable for Floridians and expanding Scholarships.
  • Expanding career training opportunities beginning in our high schools and continuing with investments in our workforce preparation through Career Source.
  • Cyndi supports and will continue to defend innocent life and our second amendment rights.